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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

November 2020

Cold Weather Tire Season is here!

Once the temperature reaches 7oC the special compound and tread of winter rated tires can enhance your grip and increase your stopping power. We recommend making the switch now. The chilly air is coming back.

Get Hitched carries many brands of winter tires ranging from the less expensive spectrum to the everyday name brand tires you know. Many of which come with rebates for the season.

Get Camping, Get Biking, Get Boating, Get Towing, Get Out There with GRIP on some new winter tires…. GET HITCHED!

October 2020

B&W Trailer Hitches ensure safety and years of reliable service, allowing you to focus on the road ahead and never worry about what’s behind.

As an industry leader respected by customers for excellence in engineering and design, B&W products are crafted from sturdy materials with the greatest care and precision to ensure the highest level of quality you can expect. Strong, consistent, and trusted, all of B&W’s products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that houses a skilled workforce of craftsmen and the most technologically advanced equipment available.

When you are on the road, B&W’s made in America towing products will give you the safety and the durability you need. Stop by today to learn more about B&W Trailer Hitches, a top-rated automotive manufacturer of premium gooseneck, fifth wheel and receiver hitches for trailers and recreational vehicles.

August 2020


Get Hitched sells, installs, and repairs trailers, hitches, racks, and other accessories for cars and trucks of every make and model. Our store is the only exclusive hitch shop in southern Alberta, offering winter and summer hours. We provide maintenance service, trailer wiring, and rentals. Whether you are camping, biking, boating, or towing, Get Hitched has the hauling equipment you need in Lethbridge to safely and securely travel any terrain. Our knowledgeable staff can provide advice on which hitch or rack is right for your vehicle and your budget. All our products are under a manufacturer’s warranty. Even after the initial sale, our staff continues to provide you with sound advice and service on all your trailer hitches, racks, and accessories.

July 2020

Built to handle heavy loads on backcountry terrain, the Yakima Racks OutPost HD truck rack is ready for rugged overland adventures!

The Yakima OutPost HD design provides a low center of gravity, easy accessibility to gear, and constructed for all common truck beds using Yakima’s BedGrip clamp system. Built to last, with engineered aluminum construction, this truck rack has a firmly engineered foundation for a fully loaded overland rack system. With the ability to add Yakima mounts and accessories, you’re set to explore the back country with confidence!

Pair the OutPost HD truck rack with the HD bar length that best fits your bed and gear, so you can arrive fully equipped and ready to enjoy the adventure. Come see us today to learn more about the Yakima OutPost HD and how Yakima racks, mounts, cargo boxes and base camp products have helped people bring the gear they need to the places they love.

Come ask us about the Yakima Outpost, Roof Top Tents or any other Yakima product.

Get Out There... Get Hitched!

June 2020

Some of the common types of hitches on the market are the weight distributing hitch, the weight carrying hitch and the fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch. Weight Distributing hitches are used with a receiver hitch and a part that distributes the tongue weight along the tow vehicle and trailer axles. Weight carrying hitches are made to carry all of the trailer’s tongue weight. Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck hitches are designed to mount the trailer connection in the middle of the truck bed.

It is also important to keep in mind that the trailer towing industry has developed a classification system that differentiates hitches according to the amount of weight they can tow. From class 1 (one) to class 5 (five).

It is recommended that you have a professional do the installation. The connection point may also require frequent lubrication so that the coupler to the hitch ball can move freely. Again, your safety and those of your passengers and those around you is key.

NOTE: Always choose a hitch that is strong enough to handle the maximum anticipated total weight of the trailer but does not exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for maximum towing and tongue weight limitations. The trailer tongue load should be kept at 10 percent of the loaded trailer weight for weight-carrying (dead weight) trailer hitches, and 12 percent for weight-distributing** (equalizing) trailer hitches. Also, you may want need to consider vehicle modifications that might be beneficial, such as stiffer springs, air springs, overload or air assist shocks, larger sway bars or a transmission cooler. Such modifications may be needed on vehicles used for heavy towing or long-distance towing. Come talk to us at Get Hitched about these and any other towing question you may have. We give quotes over the phone… Give us a call.

May 2020

Start your camping season off right at Get Hitched We carry a wide variety of hitches and towing accessories Some trailer accessories and parts we offer include: • Couplers • Jacks • Hub and brake components • Brakes • Tires • Controllers • Axles Weight Distribution Kits Get Hitched also offers weight distribution kits. These kits help distribute the tongue weight of a trailer over all of the axles of a towing vehicle. We have kits in various styles and designs. Our staff can help you find the right kind of kit to fit your vehicle. We also provide sway control kits. CHECK OUT OUR TRUCK ACCESSORIES AT OUR LETHBRIDGE STORE At Get Hitched, our shop offers a variety of racks, carriers, and truck accessories at our Lethbridge store. You can find carries and racks for many recreational sports from biking and kayaking to snowboarding and skiing. We offer roof boxes and rack systems to keep you sports equipment safely tethered to your car or truck. Get Hitched also sells truck accessories including: • Truck stabilizers • Bed liners • Toolboxes • Suspension • Towing equipment • Steps and running boards

April 2020 The Curt Echo mobile trailer brake controller is the first of its kind, providing an entirely new towing experience. It wirelessly connects to your smartphone, turning it into a brake controller interface. The Echo is portable with its compact design and simple, plug-and-play installation. The Echo customizable app for Apple or Android allows you to store multiple vehicle-trailer profiles, making it easily transferable between vehicles with a 7-way connector. The Echo brake control is powered by a Bluetooth-enabled system that connects right to your smart phone and operates using an integrated circuit that produces smooth, safe stops every time. Come see us at Get Hitched to learn more about The Echo brake control and other innovative towing products from Curt, along with our large selection of custom-fit receiver hitches and vehicle accessories.

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