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February 2021

This month, we at Music Centre want to remind every musician about the importance of guitar maintenance.

A lot of us don’t know that the “action” or playability of their guitar can be improved.

Is your guitar needing some care?

For the entire month of February we are offering $10 off all set up services.

If your strings are too far from the fret board or if they’re too close and your guitar is buzzing, we can help with that!

Get your instrument back quickly as our average turn around for set ups is 24 hours or the next day!

Also, do remember that we offer music lessons in guitar, bass guitar, ukelele, piano, voice, drums!

Visit us at our location at 10008-103 Avenue!

January 2021

With the holiday season now over and the stress of last year continuing into the new year, we want to encourage musicians, wanna-be-musicians, friends and anyone else interested in learning to play or better perfect what they already know, to come on in and sign up for either in person learning, in a sanitized and plexiglass area for one on one or even zoom lessons for those not wanting to have contact.

It’s never too late to learn and we have a variety of lessons available. Come on in and check out the schedules for guitar, ukulele or bass.

As for music products, Covid has delayed a lot of stock, but please don’t give up on us. New stuff arrives weekly. We are a smaller, local, family owned and operated business and at this time want to extend our most heartfelt thank you to everyone who has stood with us in these trying times. Every act of support has helped us to continue on.

Daryl, Kristi, Skylar, Colten and staff.

December 2020

As I have students of all ages and all abilities, my lessons are more personalized than standardized, so I don’t have a specific curriculum that I can outline.

However, I can say that most lessons were centered around timing and rhythm, as well as specific songs chosen by the student.

Generally speaking, my ½ hour lessons consist of a quick re-cap of what we worked on the previous week, followed by discussing the concepts briefly and depending on whether or not I feel that my student has a good understanding of the concept, we will move on. If I do not feel that my student grasps the concept well enough, we will continue to work on it via practical applications in a piece of music or through exercises with a metronome.

My hope is that we can start to build on the concepts we worked on during the year and move on to more advanced lessons. For example, last year we learned two different, yet common scale patterns that we use to build bass lines, as well as a few common bass lines. This year I’d like to move on to see an understanding develop to a point where he can use the knowledge he has to be able to construct his own lines.

Another thing that I’ve been working on with all of my students this year is very, very basic ear training. By developing our ear as musicians, we can train ourselves to hear exact pitches/melodies. This paired with our knowledge of our instrument helps us to learn more efficiently as well as to be able to deconstruct a piece of music to its bones and really figure out what is going on.

For your own one on one lessons in guitar, bass, piano, drums, or even to purchase a Christmas gift card, come on in to Music Centre Canada 10008-103 Avenue to check out schedules and learn more.

November 2020

Getting the jump on Christmas shopping this year could be the smart move, especially if you are shopping for a musician in the family. Most music industry retailers have seen a very slow recoup to Canadian warehouse stock since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in turn ordered early to ensure they had equipment for the gifting season.

Manufacturing of craftsmanship goods, as well as consumer breakables like strings, drumsticks, guitar picks, and tuners has become more and more complicated, so too has the import of overseas goods. Wait times for special orders in the music industry have become longer and vastly varied from product to product.

There is a very real chance that if your spouse, or child has a new instrument on their wishlist December shopping could be too late. While delivery looks strong for early to Mid-November, restocking during a COVID upswing could become a hurdle that adversely affects gifting.

For your friends and family who made the nice list this year, it would be wise to shop safe, shop smart, and shop early.

October 2020

With our city somewhat returning to “normal” since the shutdown of so many things due to the corona virus pandemic, it has been encouraging to look ahead with hope.

We, as most retailers in our city, and everywhere too, have began the task of restocking with the Christmas season in mind. This has it’s challenges for sure, as it is a different time and so difficult to know budget for shoppers and to anticipate what they may be looking for. We do our best to seek out products that are natural “gifty” ideas, and even in past years this has been an interesting feat. This year wow………

Some products are arriving now and with that we are trying to pass along a few sales. We’ve recently received some starter drum kits in. These are always popular and we are hopeful that with the price points, that they will continue to be just the same this year as in years past.

Along with the drums, we have a sale on Takamine guitars. Sale ends soon, but pricing is still very good. Our stock changes fairly regular, so we always recommend you make your purchase when you see something you want, because it may not be there for long. Remember, layaway is also an option.

Along another musical path, is our education program. If you, or someone you are giving gifts to have ever wanted to learn to play guitar, we have lessons for that! Giving the gift of lessons is a wonderful gift and always a very popular idea. It can last forever. Stop in for a gift card or to check out our schedules. Information is also available on our web page at Also check out our facebook page Music Centre Grande Prairie.

September 2020

Research suggests that the art of keeping a solid beat behind the drum kit is actually an expression of intrinsic problem solving abilities, and that drummers may not only be smarter than their fellow band mates, but they might actually be smarter than you! I know, hard to believe...

However several independent studies can back up this claim! Researchers in Stockholm found that drummers with better rhythm scored higher on intelligence tests. A professor in Washington discovered his student got higher scores after undergoing rhythmic light and sound therapy, and when researchers at the University of Texas applied the same method on elementary and middle school boys with ADD they found an effect similar to Ritalin. In fact the boys IQ score went up, and stayed up!

It gets crazier! Researchers at Oxford even found that drumming may have been a pivotal part of mankind creating communitys and establishing societys! The benefits are beyond belief and the history and research behind drums and drummers is fascinating. This may be the perfect time to start learning the craft of drumming yourself, who knows, it might just make you smarter.

August 2020

Music lessons can be an important part of any education. Students who study music often develop disciplines and learning patterns that lend themselves well to multiple subjects. While COVID 19 may have some hesitant to sit closely to an instructor, educators have made concessions to keep up productivity. Opting for a plexiglass barrier, or offering lesson programs, and mentoring via technology like face-time, and Zoom calls has become the “new normal” in music lessons.

For more information on continuing musical education safely check out Music Centre Canada Grande Prairie!

July 2020

With the post COVID quarantine world adhering to strong social distancing measures, it can be hard for the average musician to plug and play for a jam session like he used to. Summer however, is finally here, and campfire season is upon us no doubt. With a switch to acoustic instruments the campfire can become the new stage for you and your musically inclined pals. Providing a socially distanced jam and the warmth and comfort of a roaring fire as your new audience.

Musical instrument manufacturing has come a long way from hand-made “one at a time” production of yester-year, and the use of large scale overseas production has brought the cost of a great instrument down very competitively. If it’s been sometime since your last stop to a music shop the price of a new “campfire guitar” may pleasantly surprise you.

Music Centre Canada has a summer focus of great entry, and mid level instruments for the campfire crowd, and the music enthusiast alike. Stop by this summer and find your new voice for the summer season on a brand new acoustic instrument.

June 2020

In a time such as this, we have been able to turn a crisis into opportunity. We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to re-invent our look.

We have installed new carpet on the sales floor and done some painting to brighten our look along with some new displays. Stock is low from border issues and such, but we are happy with our look!

We’ve seen people return to leaning on creativity and their creative side. They’ve used time productively and it’s been encouraging to see the next generation of performers or artists stepping in and making music come alive!

Many local artists have found ways to still be able to play or perform with online being so in these days. This has helped those closed in their homes, giving comfort and hope and taking minds off the current situation for just a bit.

It’s times like these that have shown the healing power of music and the importance of arts and culture. We couldn’t be happier with our city at this time.

Another change that we have done is that we have reached out to our students with the onine education. This was a success and while we’ve now returned to one on one lessons, we are still offering an online lesson day with select instructors, for those that have that preference. It is our hope that come the September session we will be able to fully return to normal.

There will continue to be lessons during the summer for most instruments, so if interested, please call the store, or stop in to check available times. 780-538-0999 10008-103 Avenue.

May 2020

Article Written by Kristi Bean

SPRING CLEANING With the COVID19 pandemic hitting and having to spend alot of extra time in our homes, I’m sure there has been a lot of “spring cleaning” going on. I myself, get spring fever every year. I enjoy cleaning, which is a benefit, but there are still many places that we manage to store things and then don’t end up needing that item, or even come to realize that we really never needed it in the first place. Have you found any old instruments kicking around and you would like to recycle them? We can take any smaller item up to a portable keyboard size. Often, we are able to do minor repairs in house, and gift an item to a needy musician. We meet many young musicians, who would love to begin lessons with one of our instructors, but isn’t able to purchase right away, or they want to test try to be sure it is the instrument that they really want to learn. We are then able to let them take their lessons with this type of “gifted” instrument. Bring in your instruments. We would love to see what we are able to do with them. Have you dug out your own instrument? Wishing it had a tune up? We offer a repair service as well. It’s the time of year to give your own instrument a “spring clean up”. COVID19 got you down? Pick up your instrument and learn something new! Music is good for our souls. It’s a wonderful language to speak. We are currently offering online lessons until we are able to gather again for our one on one sessions in store. Give us a call at 780-538-0999 or check out our facebook- musiccentregp or our web page at to find out what you need and receive any updates that we put out for everyone. We appreciate all who have supported us through this troubled time. Thank you and stay safe.

March 2020

The Internet Can’t Kill Rock and Roll

With the advent of online shopping, guitar gawkers are spending more and more time online. While easy information and bulk buy pricing are a plus, brick and mortar locations have some undeniable advantages.

Players know it’s worth getting your hands on an instrument. An In-Store demo quickly addresses sound, feel, player setup preferences, and over all, whether an instrument is “right” for the customer. In store staff can make suggestions, and quick adjustments before you ever spend a dime.

Brick and mortar locations have the advantage of immediate customer support, not to mention a well informed industry professional who can help maximize bang for your buck with a friendly assessment, and a few suggestions. If it turns out once the item is home and you wish you’d chosen the other option on the shelf, exchange is as easy as

seeing your new friend at MCC.

Online shopping definitely isn’t going anywhere, and brick and mortar stores would be wise to keep up. Even Music Centre Grande Prairie has recently launched a full service online store via Window shopping with a mouse and screen may be convenient and a great way to plan, but nothing beats the real retail experience.

Be sure to check us out, Music Centre Canada at 10008-103 Avenue or online at

We are a full service retail music store offering sales, service and lessons.


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