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Updated: Sep 30

October 2020

It’s officially Fall!

Everywhere you look trees are changing colour or beginning to die off, animals are preparing for winter, and people are busily getting their homes ready for the cold months ahead. Just as we prepare our surroundings and shift gears for the change of season, it is important that we listen to our bodies and provide what they need too.

There’s no doubt everyone is under a great deal of stress right now, which may make a Swedish Relaxation massage or the Alpha Massage the best option for you—beyond deep relaxation, it also provides a wide array of health benefits. Perhaps you need the invigorating and detoxifying effects of a Shiatsu massage, with its staccato motions and targeting of pressure points throughout the body. While energy healing options will bring your body back into balance and can even provide you with a sort of mental and emotional reset, as well as encouraging full body relaxation.

Whichever modality of treatment you choose, the change of seasons is the perfect time to get in tune with your body and reassess it’s needs. Our ‘Tune-Up’ Bundle can consist of any combination of massage modalities and techniques to best benefit your body’s needs and changing health goals. Not sure what treatment plan would be best for you? Call or email us to talk about your options and goals.

September 2020

Massage therapy provides many benefits to your health and your body. The simplest is relaxation, which is a primary goal during every massage. Yet much of the time, there are several other reasons beyond relaxation that drive us to seek massage. The most popular reasons people want or need to get a massage include intense or recurring muscle pain and tension, frequent headaches, and seeking to manage specific or changing health conditions. Fortunately massage helps with all these things.

It is however important to remember that while massage can and does do wonders for the body, massage therapy is not an instantaneous miracle cure for whatever ails you. Treatment with massage requires a commitment and dedication to healing from both the massage therapist and the client. When dealing with acute problems or changing health concerns, it is often necessary to receive several massage treatments in a short period of time in order to best get a handle on the issue. Similarly, quick successive treatments are also recommended after a long break from receiving massage therapy treatment. Typically we recommend three treatments close together in these types of situations. From there, regular re-occurring treatment sessions will typically maintain your health goals. It is for both these types of situations that we offer bundle packages: the Maintenance package, and the Tune-Up package.

August 2020

Have you been spending lots of time working in your yard, or doing work around the house? Perhaps you’ve been taking time to get outside to play and explore more of your own community, or the many natural parks and recreation areas in the province. Or maybe you’ve been doing extra hours at work. Whatever the case might be, chances are your body is feeling the strain – stress, muscle tension, aches in muscles you don’t even remember having! Sound familiar?

The good news is that massage therapy is a very effective and very simple way to combat these issues. Massage therapy is actually one of the leading methods to relieve stress and reduce pain due to muscle strain or tension. Add in the fact that massage also helps to improve natural immune responses, and getting a massage begins to sound like a better idea every day.

While every massage has immense benefit to the body, there are therapy additives that can increase your enjoyment of your massage and will also enhance the health benefits too. Applying heat immediately helps loosen tight muscles and increase circulation. The use of stones in your massage will increase the depth of the strokes used without increasing the pressure, thus enhancing the benefits. Other techniques and products can induce a cooling sensation during your massage – GREAT during the heat of summer! – or provide targeted aid to the body’s natural detoxifying and immune response functions. And these are just a few examples of what is possible with massage therapy. To learn more, give us a call or send us a quick email, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

July 2020

It is officially Summer! Many people will be choosing staycation holidays over travel this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things – and it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a little bit of pampering and special care. We are now officially back at the business of making your health the very best it can be, and we are happy to announce that we are able to continue offering all of our regular treatments, as well as offering a brand-new energy healing treatment beginning in July. We know many people are excited to get a massage and we are ready to help you. When you visit us please remember:

• Services are available by appointment only.

• All clients will be pre-screened when booking and before treatments.

• Anyone experiencing COVID symptoms, had contact with confirmed COVID cases, or having recently travelled within 14 days of appointments will be rescheduled.

• Because we work in prolonged close contact with our clients, both clients and therapists are required to wear masks during treatment.

June 2020

It is always our goal to provide the best therapies possible to help our clients achieve and maintain their own very best health and wellness. Depending on your particular health needs throughout the year, a variety of different therapy modalities is often required to best aid your physical and mental health and wellness. It is important to us, because it’s important to you, that we are continuously on the lookout for new treatments and therapies to offer. From new massage therapy methods, to different forms of energy healing techniques, continuing education is one area we consider vital for our continued ability to best serve our clients and community. We are very excited to be introducing a new energy healing therapy this summer — in these new Access Bars treatment sessions, clients will experience a deep level of relaxation, while also reaching for a nearly meditative level of awareness and consciousness. Keep an eye on our Website and Facebook page in the coming weeks for more about this and all our treatment options, as well as re-opening information and COVID-19 operational changes.

May 2020

Massage therapy is an incredible tool and cooperative treatment for a wide variety of health concerns and issues. Simply put: massage promotes good physical and mental health. While your massage therapist is inaccessible right now, we will be ready and waiting to help you when we are able to re-open. And remember, the benefits of massage include, but are not limited to: 1) Lowering blood pressure 2) Improving Cardiovascular health 3) Relieving headaches 4) Reducing intensity of migraines 5) Easing muscle pain 6) Aiding injury recovery 7) Improving flexibility and range of motion 8) Relieves physical stress and tension 9) Reducing mental stress and anxiety 10) Relaxation

April 2020

We are living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic effects every single one of us. It will continue to cause disruption and changes to our day-to-day lives for weeks, if not months, to come. We ask all our clients to be part of the solution. • Practice good hygiene and wash your hands frequently. • Use hand sanitizer when you have to go out in the community. • If you are sick, stay home. Don’t put others at risk needlessly. • Self-isolate as needed. But while taking care of your physical health, don’t forget to consider your mental well-being as well. There’s no denying the high degree of stress many of us are experiencing these days. Massage therapy, as always, is one of the very best ways to help ease the mental distress and physical tension you’re probably feeling. We are taking all precaution and extra care to ensure the cleanliness of our treatment and common areas. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. And for up-to-date information through the COVID-19 pandemic please watch our Facebook page.

March 2020

Spring – the time of rejuvenation, birth and re-birth in nature. But the change of seasons is not just important in nature, our bodies are also attuned to the changing seasons in ways we may not realize or understand. Like nature, our bodies are complex and intricately interwoven networks of systems. And like with nature, we should always be mindful of giving our bodies the care they need to ensure they continue working at their best. Massage therapy is one way we can do that. Shiatsu and Reflexology utilize pressure and trigger points to optimize lymphatic functions in the body, while Reiki focuses on your energy and balancing the chakras. Swedish Relaxation helps improve muscle flexibility and range of motion. And all massage works toward the goal of complete relaxation. Take time this Spring and give your body the Tune-Up it deserves.

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