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February 2021

What a wild ride this year! As we are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of when the Pandemic hit Alberta I can’t help but take a look back. I hope this re-cap finds you in great spirits. You’ve had a crazy year, we’ve had a crazy year, the earth has had a crazy year!

Here’s a little look back at our year with our Quaran-Team!

Our beloved 25 year veteran of radio Kevin Albers retired in June. We had some of your favorite co-hosts from years past join us on air to help celebrate him. Kevin really encompassed the passion and community spirit that radio can bring to a city.

Shawna Prince was promoted to run all the programing for our Ontario North stations in November! So now we have some new faces to add to our amazing line up:


Morning Show: The James Anthony Show

Midday Show: Ian Sharek

Drive Show: Justin and Justine

Trust me when I say have a listen to James Anthony in the morning, he is making a lot of traction already and has really stepped up to making this a super smooth transition.

In October we raised $180,000 for STARS in our first ever radio-thon! $180,000!!! I am so proud of our team operating with passion and care on an extra level for the STARS organization.

Radio streaming for our station on smart speakers was way up, along with activity on our Rogers owned and operated websites. Online activity in general went up 80% in April!

The highlight of my year was selling video commercials to play during the NHL Playoff games this summer. I was camping while streaming the games on our projector when an ad that I sold locally was played! My son was in the middle of “zambonying” the bugs off the screen with a windshield wiper when it came on. What a weird way to be watching playoff hockey!

If you’d like to chat about your marketing goals and see if radio commercials or Rogers digital ads are right for you, I’m just a phone call away. Onward and upward for us all in 2021.

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