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October 2020

Well, I think it is fair to say that, here at Heartstone Cabinets, we are more than just cabinetry. Our cabinet shop has been doing something a little out of the ordinary, as of late. We are doing a fun little job building wooden box liners for a fleet of trucks.

If you have an idea that you want to bring to life, and feel that we can help, please contact us. We are open to all sorts of jobs, big or small. If it involves wood, our quality craftsmen can build it. Give us a call.

September 2020

Guide to Cleaning Countertops

Here is a guide for cleaning all types of countertops. Always check with the manufacturer for the recommended cleaning procedure, as warranties on products may become void if cleaning recommendations are not followed.

Laminate Countertop: Clean with a mild detergent applied with a microfiber cloth. Cover stubborn stains with a paste of baking soda and water (three parts baking soda to one part water) and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Clean off with a soft bristled brush. Caution: Avoid using scouring pads or cleaners that will permanently dull the surface. Never allow water to pool on the countertop as it can seep through the seams, causing damage below.

Quartz Countertop: Clean quartz countertops with soapy water. Use abrasive soap carefully for stubborn stains. Caution: Oven cleaner will damage this surface if left on the countertop.

Granite Countertop: Clean granite with a mild cleaner and damp microfiber cloth. Caution: Never use anything abrasive on a granite countertop, including a scrub pad. Avoid products such as bleach, oil, vinegar, and ammonia that leave a residue.

Concrete Countertop: Mix a neutral cleaner with warm water. Clean with a soft microfiber cloth. Caution: Don’t use abrasive cleaners or pads.

Marble Countertop: Use a neutral cleaner and a microfiber cloth that hasn’t been used to clean any other surface. Caution: Marble stains easily. Don’t use abrasive cleaners on marble. Avoid bleach, oil, vinegar, lemon, ammonia, or other products that leave a residue.

August 2020

Here at Heartstone Cabinets, we make all of our cabinets right here, in our local shop. Each piece we build is a custom piece.

While pre-fabricated cabinets may cost a little less due to assembly-line manufacturing, you are usually limited in your options. Some of these limitations, depending on where you go to look for cabinets, are the size, colour, and details of construction. There is also a bit of a learning curve in designing your own kitchen from a catalogue/website, and this can take a fair amount of time.

Ordering a custom kitchen is quite different. It is based on personal consultation. You can phone our designer and request they come to your house to measure your kitchen and discuss your ideas with you, or you can come to our showroom to look at samples of colours and styles you like. We will draw up a design for you based on the exact size of your kitchen. Any details you have requested are included in the design, and you will be given a price based on what you have requested. At this point you can go ahead and order your kitchen or continue working with our designer to fine tune the details of your kitchen. You can request modifications that will affect the look, the function, or the price of your kitchen. You will need to provide us with some information (appliance specifications, timelines with other trades, sign off on colour selections, etc.), but besides that, you only need to tell us what you like and we do all the work for you.

Here at Heartstone Cabinets, we strive to make your dream kitchen a reality!

July 2020

More Than Just Cabinets

Did you know that here at Heartstone Cabinets, we don’t just build cabinets? If it’s made out of wood, we can build it. We have done many different projects like Murphy beds, fireplace mantles, custom bookcases, desks, china cabinets, hutches, entertainment units, bars, and even coffee table cribbage boards. Bring in your idea. We will be more than happy to turn it into a reality.

June 2020

Is it time to freshen up your existing cabinets? Maybe a whole new look? We would love to make your cabinets look brand new again. Heartstone Cabinets is a custom cabinet shop that can build specifically to your taste and space available or refinish in our custom spray booth. Give us a call for an estimate.

April 2020 Upper Cabinets vs Open Shelves It’s a tough decision, to have upper kitchen cabinets or not. There are several advantages to going with uppers, but there is also a lot to say about open shelves. Standard upper cabinets with doors offer plenty of storage with a clean and composed look. The main con of using upper cabinets is that they simply take up space, which can make a kitchen feel smaller, darker, and more cramped. Replacing upper cabinets with open shelves has become a popular trend in recent years. This approach helps a room feel more open while still providing storage for everyday essentials. Placing frequently used items like plates, glasses, and basic cookware on shelves keeps them in easy reach and creates a shop-like display that tells a personal story. The issue with shelf uppers for some people is that the look is much busier. An even newer trend is to skip the upper cabinets and shelves altogether. This lets you reclaim visual space and create more elbow room. The result is a much larger – and airier – feeling kitchen. The obvious con of skipping the uppers is the lack of upper storage. If you are undecided, give us a call. We may have some tips and tricks to try out before making a final decision.

March 2020

Thermofoil Cabinets

What are thermofoil cabinets? Thermofoil is a type of vinyl, that, using heat, is fused to a wooden surface, usually medium-density fiberboard. The result is a kitchen cabinet with a smooth, seamless finish. There is a wide array of colours and faux wood finishes available.

Thermofoil Pros:

1. Affordable – Thermofoil cabinets are among the least expensive cabinet options on the market.

2. Low Maintenance – The smooth vinyl surfaces of thermofoil cabinets and drawer fronts are easy to wipe clean with only a damp cloth.

3. Resist Warping – Vinyl-wrapped thermofoil cabinets are less susceptible to humidity and warping than solid wood.

Thermofoil Cons:

1. Quality – The most affordable thermofoil cabinets are constructed of low-grade fiberboard beneath the vinyl coating.

2. Water Damage – If scratches, dents or dings mar the vinyl coating, water may invade the particleboard core, causing buckling, bubbling, and deterioration.

3. Heat Damage – Thermofoil coatings are sensitive to heat and may blister or peel when used near dishwashers, ovens, or stovetops.

4. Yellowing – As the vinyl coating ages, white thermofoil cabinets sometimes develop an unattractive yellowish hue.

Give us a call to see all of the different options we have available.


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