Ask the Low Level Laser Therapy Expert - Pamela Jans

March 2020

How does Low Level Laser Therapy work? This is still somewhat mysterious to people. But LLLT has been around since 1968 and there is tons of research on it. Scientists in Russia are especially excited about LLLT and, using special machines, are utilizing it to heal blood infection and disease. Perhaps someday here in Canada we will start to see the implications for this amazing therapy.

But here in Canada, and here at Health Renew Laser Therapy, Inc, we use Low Level Laser to help muscular aches and pains.

LLLT is what is known as a “cold” laser. That is, it is not used for surgery, it does not cut and it does not burn. In fact, it produces no heat at all. You don’t feel a thing while receiving Low Level Laser Therapy.

So, how does it work? Our bodies are designed to respond to light. Just think of how you feel on the first sunny Spring morning after a long dark winter. You feel energized, don’t you? You may feel on top of the world, like you can do anything. Amazingly, our cells respond to light in the same way.

Each cell in our body has something on it called a chromaphore, or, light receptor. When we shine LLLT deep into our cells, they are actually able to capture this light energy and use it to heal. In effect, our cells feel energized, and “on top of the world”.

We use laser, because laser light is able to shine so deep into the body. LLLT is a special form of laser and will not hurt you. That is why it is called “low level.”

Do you have questions about LLLT? Give us a call at 403 527 3783. Come in and give Low Level Laser Therapy a try. You have nothing to lose but your pain.

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