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Updated: Jul 6

July 2020

The Advantages to Restoring Over

Replacing Vinyl Siding and Windows

Vinyl siding fades over time. Installing a new piece of vinyl siding to replace the damage usually means that there will be a color mismatch with surrounding pieces. Fibrenew’s products and techniques perfectly match the existing color, regardless of how faded the material may be - the damage is untraceable once repaired.

Damaged PVC windows can be repaired ‘on the spot’ without having to remove them. This saves not only hundreds of dollars in installation labor but a great deal of time and stress savings as well!

May 2020

Leather Cleaning & Protecting: furniture, vehicle interiors Often times, getting your leather professionally cleaned and protected is all that’s needed to make it look like new again. Fibrenew can rejuvenate leather and remove discoloration and blemishes from pet damage, children, food and drink stains, body oils and more. Our leather conditioning service re-moisturizes, revitalizes and renews leather to give it a fresh new look and feel and also extend its life.

April 2020

Light Upholstery Repair Service - Couches, Chairs, Sofas, Automotive Interiors We offer basic upholstery repairs such as: split cushion seams, dustcover replacement, button replacement, wobbly leg repair, foam replacement, fixing squeaky frames, spring replacement, recliner mechanism repair and replacement, torn corner repair and more. Whether the damage is on your couch, chair, furniture, auto interior, boat or airplane seats, contact us to obtain an estimate.

March 2020


examination tables, chairs, and waiting room furniture

We have highly-specialized products and techniques that specifically cater to restoring damage on examination tables and chairs in hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, massage, physical therapy offices and more. Cracks, rips, and tears can all be repaired for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our insured and professionally-trained technicians are mobile and can come to you and help keep the downtime of damaged medical equipment to a minimum.

Clinics: Looking for a service contract? On-going service agreements are available. We’ll be happy to help! Please contact us to inquire.

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