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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

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August 2020

Back to School will mean something different for everyone this year, but The Headroom is bringing you a sense of normalcy... and a reason to look forward to the end of summer!

Family photos? Team photos? Christmas card photos? Your new business card photo? Book ahead - this is our busiest time of the year, and we want you to feel your best for whatever’s important to you right now.

With all the recent changes forced by current economic situations, The Headroom is sharing some best practices to make sure you and your family are looking your best for upcoming events and milestones:

1. PREBOOK, as soon as possible! Our salon (and others) are busier then ever after returning from the Pandemic. It is estimated during this time our industry has lost approximately 20% of its service providers meaning there is more demand on the other 80%. Stylists are taking extra precautions when working in your personal space and back to school season is already a very busy time in the salon.

2. Reserve our private Room for your kids’ cuts, and bring the whole family in at once. Masking is hard for the little ones especially, but we have to keep them safe. We’re open extended hours and have a private room to do just that. Our stylists are all masked, have their temperatures taken at the start of shift, and hold each other to over the top standards of infection control.

3. Book an Education Session (available for hair and/or makeup) to learn how to style your hair and do your makeup more effectively & efficiently, and feel like a million bucks every day! Sessions can be booked 7 days a week between our two salons.

4. Get enough sleep! Set up a nightly routine, turn your phone off, and recharge on a nightly basis. Troubles keeping your eyes closed? Try our Sugar Bear Sleep Gummies - you’ll be so glad you did!

5. Use the right tools for the job. People always wonder why their hair looks so different when we do it - it’s no secret - the products are a huge part of it! Product consultations are complimentary, and again can be booked 7 days a week. Come in with your toughest questions - we’ve got a solution for you!

Book online, shop online, or mask up and come in to the salon. We’d love to see you, make your day, and get you ready for your best Fall yet!

July 2020

Thank you.

Thank you for visiting our page, for liking and commenting, and for helping us share our stories. Thank you for your continued support through frigid cold winters, COVID-19, recessions, and changes in style.

Thank you for encouraging our team with your selfies, and for sharing their names with your friends and family.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for allowing us to do what we love, for a living.

We love you Grande Prairie (and Sexsmith, and Grovedale, and High Prairie, and Fort Nelson, and everywhere that our amazing clients come from)!!

Thank you!

May 2020

Colouring hair yourself, at home. As an Expert® this is not ever something I thought we would recommend you to do but here we are in this temporary normal, what the new normal will be, we are yet to know but right now this is where we are at. We have always known, it’s not just about the hair, it’s about how you feel, it’s about first expressions and representing yourself in a way people can see You. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, to be understood, and to express yourself and your style. This is why right now, while salon visits are not possible, The Headroom Salon Company has created new home colour kits. There are two kinds available, touch up kits or toning kits. A Touch Up Kit would include enough colour to do a solid root touch up for someone who has 3-5 weeks of regrowth (if your regrowth is longer you will need to add extra colour), while a Toning Kit will be colour to tone the ends of your hair which can eliminate unwanted tones like red or brass while sealing your ends and adding shine. Both kits will have all the tools required to perform the service from home. These kits are different then what you would buy over the counter because they are all custom formulated for your hair by professional stylists and you will have direct access to a professional stylist for any help along the way. The kits can be formulated for anyone, not just regular guests of our salon, once an order is placed a stylists will reach out for photos and begin a consultation to find out exactly what you want. With over the counter box colours can sometimes turn out, the problem is you just don’t know. You don’t know what is in the box and how it will go on your hair, often resulting in colours that were not desired, damaged hair, and/or extremely difficult, expensive, and time consuming to correct. Our colour kits were designed with the consumer in mind, we have stylist support in place, they are easy to use and the results have been incredible. One of our buyers, Keela, says this: “I’m about ready to burst into tears!! of joy! I have been having such a hard time with my self image and my hair. I took my hair extensions out so I can save them for later. And oh golly is my natural hair just way to thing and fine and short! Lol after having such nice extensions of course it seems extreme. I wanted to say thank you for the home toning kit. My hair looks so amazing! And it feels so much better. That round brush really made a difference in smoothing my hair so my ends don’t feel so frayed and split. Thank you so much for working so hard to keep your business open! You’re absolutely amazing! I’ll be getting another toning kit when this fades out. It’s the perfect toned colour too. Thank you a thousand times!!””

April 2020

To our valued clients, We are saddened to share we will be closing down to quarantine, there is nothing more important to us than this community and we want to do our part to help flatten the curve and protect our families, our team, and our community. All clients booked will be called to move their appointments to April. If you have not received a call, please be patient as we do our best to reach out to everyone over the next 48 hours. During this time we want to make sure you are well taken care of, we know lots of you will be doing video conference calls and we understand how much your hair can impact your daily mood and self confidence, we don’t take that lightly. And so, we are honoured to announce that we have launched an online store filled with home care, new beauty boxes, and home tone and touch up colour kits. The proceeds from these sales will go to your stylist while we are closed. On behalf of our whole team, we appreciate your understanding and support now more than ever and if there is anything at all you need please reach out as we will be checking our messages regularly.

March 2020

We’ve all been there. You look in the mirror, shriek at the sight of your roots, and call your salon in a panic… only to find out that your stylist is booked for the next two weeks! Why do we do this to ourselves? You know your stylist is the bomb, and that you look and feel amazing after your appointment, but forget to plan ahead of time. We’ve got you!

De-stress your life, and sign up for standing appointments customized for you at The Headroom! We’ll work with you to find the perfect interval for you, the perfect time for your appointments, and you’ll never be stressed again… at least about your hair!

Standing appointments are great for cuts, colours, root touch-ups, waxing, blowouts… anything you know you’ll feel amazing afterwards! Call The Headroom at 780-357-1200 or go to to book in now, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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