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September 2020


Looking to prevent car rust? Undercoating protects the undercarriage of your vehicle against moisture, salt, and chemicals that cause rust and helps to reduce road noise while cruising on the highway. This protective coating is suitable for use on all car makes, models, cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and recreational vehicles.

August 2020

Layed down two coats of the first graphene coating in Medicine Hat! Graphene is the strongest substance on the planet! And we’ve been able to get ahold of it in a coating form! The surface slickness is amazing and the chemical resistance is second to no coating.. which means it has anti water spotting capabilities!

We are always looking for the newest and best innovations in protection technology to keep your car looking amazing for years to come!

July 2020

New products announcement!!

We are now offering Graphene coatings! We are always trying to stay at the top of automotive protection and products...and this is the next generation of coatings! You know about ceramic coatings, but graphene is even more chemical resistant and the best of’s anti water spotting!!!!

The gentleman who invented graphene actually won a Nobel prize for it! Basically if you take every substance on the earth and reduce it down to one atom...graphene is the strongest material on the planet.. and our supplier has acquired the first company to bottle it for automotive use!! If you want your car or truck protected be sure to check it out!

June 2020

Have a look at this! A 5 year ceramic coating applied and sleeping overnight to cure! The level of gloss and paint protection these coatings give you is unreal!

Call today to get your vehicle in! Were are booking ahead 2 weeks for most services and into July for wraps! If you want to get in this summer make sure you book soon! We are filling up fast!

Thanks for your support everyone!!!

May 2020

2020 Explorer Front end protected with our very best Dynoshield paint protection film! We are currently still open! If you need a quote give us a call at 403-527-7955 Or email:

April 2020

Full!! This 2020 Ridgeline got the ultimate front end protection! Full coverage hood, mirrors, fenders, bumper and roof. Then we covered the headlights complimentary!! If you would like the same treatment give us a call! We are open for business and staying safe.

March 2020

Platinum Rust


Provides maximum protection against corrosive effects of road salt and ocean spray.

Our PLATINUM PROTECTION SYSTEMS CORROSION PROTECTION protects your vehicle from damage by rust perforation ( corrosion occuring from the treated side out). Why not upgrade to the PLATINUM PRO PACKAGE and get the added protection from suface rust?

Contact us today at 403-527-7955 for a quote


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